Just F*$King Survive II. The 2020 Pandemic update

We have been planning for doomsday since 2017

Because IROKO was always in survival mode, we have, over time, developed organisational muscle and a bunker mentality when dealing with dire situations. Doomsday = IROKO running out of money. Back in 2017, we even called our annual budgeting the 'Doomsday Budget'. The board were aware and although it was serious stuff, they understood why we had to make things so dire. Reminding ourselves of what a mentor once told me, if you really want to figure out how to run a business, try and run a failing one. That's where the true lessons are learned. That's where you earn your stripes. In the trenches. Because of this we are skilled in the dark arts of extreme budgeting and management of cash flow. I even discussed it at length in my prior articles on our surviving & death dancing (below).

Just F*%king Survive.

IROKOtv’s 3-year Death Dance & the People who Saved us. The Real Story…

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