Just F*%king Survive.

A young consumer internet founder blocked me recently. What’s your #1 piece of advice for startups in Nigeria? Without missing a beat it was simple. Just F*%king Survive. That’s it. Impossible for me to go deeper than that in my brief encounters. But whatever you are doing. Just f*%king survive.

Hershel was one of the all time most popular characters in The Walking Dead (TWD). While on a scouting mission inside the prison (S3E1), Hershel gets bitten in the leg by a walker (zombie) they had all dismissed as “dead.” Rick instantly hacks off the limb with a hatchet. Rick didn’t have days or even minutes to make a decision. He had to do it in an instant. Hack off his leg or allow it to be infected and die anyway. So as a leader, he did what he essentially had to do. He took a leg. After watching the scene above, I spent 2015–today walking around and talking internally at IROKO about how if needed, IROKO will and must be ready to ‘take a leg’.

Everyone who reads my posts knows I ...

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