Zuck and The Rise of the Bots…

I missed Zuck. Pissed.
Mark met him. Nigeria met him. This is a great thing. Anything to shine a little spotlight onto the beleaguered and demoralised tech community is a good thing. Anything to make the corporates reconsider their ambivalence to young tech entrepreneurs. It’s not only Wizkid and OC who deserves applause.
All the hype aside, I want to look beyond Zuck’s visit. He challenged us to build. I want to shine the spotlight on where the future of engineering in Nigeria lays. Bringing people in to the 18m community of Facebook goes without saying. I am interested in what they do there. I believe in The Rise of the Planet of the Bots. We are the most mobilised country in the world. But there is a paradigm happening which I fear we are on the cusp of missing.
Anyone who knows me knows I rarely make or take phone calls. A couple of years ago, because of my rapid travels and the fact I have over a dozen different sims for countries I frequent (US, UK, France, SA, Kenya and Gha...

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