Young man, go and make money!

Your life you soft, your life go jollyYour sleep go sweet, no jokes go funny (confirm)This life mehn I gast make moneyThat's why I stay steady on grind like TonySoft like Tony - Song by M.I

This is for the man or woman o. This is for ALL. Let me start upfront with a summary. You may not like this, so you can leave it anytime. If you're a Nigerian startup that claims to be an actual software or technology startup. You should be able to drive to $1m/year in revenues with very little capital; my best estimation would be <$500k seed, and given enough time (1-3 years) to test different revenue models, you should be able to drive to $100k/mo scale and be very profitable. Like 20-30% good. If you have reached that scale and are still losing money, then something needs to be structurally fixed with your startup. If you can make money at a micro-scale (<$1m/year), then you should have built the cost discipline and monetisation muscle to grow with that. The fintech boom has been th...

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