Why do people want to be their own BOSS?

There was a great debate on Techcabal’s Radar

I wrote a long response which deserves an actual post. So here it is.
Come on folks. Let’s not be too naive or emotional. Let’s look at reality. The cold, harsh reality.

The almighty Silicon Valley has shown us the way…
i) SV is not the paradise one makes it out to be. It’s ruthless and folks get screwed all the time.
FacebookSnapchatTwitterNetflixPayPalGood Technology
What do they all have in common? Founding team member was forced and / or screwed out of the company. Do you honestly think in the age of the unicorn most SV employees aren’t sitting under layers of preferences shares and ratchets? Please. Google it. The information is there if you wish to see it. Look for the downside protection language. Employees as exposed as they are here.
Nigerian internet companies are too fragile so we gats to huzzle
ii) Risk capital in Nigeria is materially different than the Western world. I have probably had 10+ different employees fired fo...

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