Where are the data customers?

I have a new little daughter. Which means I am back to doing the nightshift. What does that mean? My wife can’t sleep if she wakes up at night, yet I can. So it’s me and little Kaego all night long. Meaning? That I typically don’t sleep until 5/6am on any given morning. Everyday. Who cares? Me. I have time. I am forced to have more time… Not just any time, but time without distraction. More than any human being should. In the dark days when I had all the time in the world I used to read listed companies’ annual reports. So many hidden gems amongst the legalese and financial data.
I spent last weekend in the weeds. I read through half a dozen annual reports trying to understand some fundamental truths of our market. Specifically the data market. This was prompted by Bastian sharing what I considered to be some pretty sombre data on 3G users and usage in Nigeria.
Wait. Hol up ***** Hol up. Nigeria is the most mobilized country in the World!

That is correct. But it is also incorre...

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