Where are the $100m+ African exits? part 1

Would prefer to see a listing

It’s been a constant, scary nagging quest for me for the last year. What appears like a simple question, actually isn’t. As I have asked questions from the community, I have found it increasingly difficult to get a solid and acceptable answer. The most common response I get is, I believe it will happen. I usually tilt my head and ask ‘Why?’, ‘Why do you believe it will happen if it hasn’t happened already?’. I know Nigerians have the unique ability to suspend reality and believe, it literally explains the state of Nigeria, rather than focus on fundamental fixes for the problems of today (let’s not get started for tomorrow’s). We just wait for God to take control because Nigeria has wealth (it doesn’t) and we are God's chosen people (evidence points to the opposite. We are truly forsaken). I thought the tech community was different. I thought it was more introspective, more scientific, more honest. 10 years ago, if you had asked me whether I though...

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