When it comes to exits, they will always remember that you are an African company

Coupon Duo Now Worth $1.5 Billion After Honey’s sale to PayPal

When you read about technology in Silicon Valley, California, I can see why our young ones get seduced by the massive outcomes and opportunities that lay out there. And they are dramatic Hollywood style fables. Be a billionaire whilst saving the world. Literally fairytale stories. More so than sports or entertainment in terms of their scale. Although the vast majority of venture-backed companies fail and the economics are VC are brutal, the stories still seduce at scale.

Missing in action. So many dead bodies in this game.

The narrative of a land where young gals & guys in tees are laying siege and disrupting old industries and bringing everything and everyone in their path to their knees, whilst taking their positions within the global elite. This is just like Hollywood and the star system. It's true that you head to Hollywood and 'be discovered'. But not really. People from all around the world head to LA ...

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