When 95% of your customers can’t afford $30/year

I have said this a thousand times since it dawned on me a few years back. Africa is functionally poor. In the absence of a special 'Africa' pricing, usually heavily subsidized by cashflow (from international operations) or investors' capital , our people wouldn't be able to afford most of the things we enjoy today. Free basics anyone? I always use what I consider to be one, if not the, most aggressive emerging market monetization machines as an example. The Facebook family of apps. Between Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, they dominate the consumer internet space in Africa. They have at least for the decade I have been there. So they are definitely leaders in monetization and a great proxy for the continent's MAU's (around 150-200m in Africa I believe). If you want to understand the gulf in revenue generation between North America (US & Canada) and Africa (rest of world) let's take a a look at the table below. In Q3 2020

US & Canada ARPU = $34-39/qtr

Rest of t...

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