We All Don’t Make It [WADMI]

WAGMI - We're All Going to Make It. The clarion call of the new millennial crypto billionaire set. Usually as an asset is being pumped up to have the rug pulled (losses) out from under it. Anon online crypto billionaires

The thing is even with a trillion dollars in value created out of thin air, the vast majority of those assets sit with 1% and / or people who had money already. I have been doing startups for almost 20 years now (I am 40+1) and what is evident is the vast majority of people's dreams turn to dust. At least that used to be the narrative. To me that is the simple outcome of power laws. When I first started IROKO 11 years ago, no-one would give me money. Bastian invested $200k for effectively 50%. Today, I can raise $1m in a weekend from maybe 10 phone calls. Success begets success.

Because of the startup asset valuation explosion in 2021, I actually created more equity wealth (it's all audio as it's locked in startupdom) in a single year than I did in betw...

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