Victory has defeated me.

Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you
The intensity of my work ethnic used to scare my then girlfriend and now wife. She would fall asleep and wake up and I was always, always at my laptop, worried about something. Terrified that someone else would happen on this quickly growing cash machine of digital distribution. My mood was directly proportional to the revenue amount reported the day before from YouTube. I still vividly remember the days when we made $17-per day. The work never stopped. In fact one of my first compliments to my wife was she was a ‘sweet distraction’. She never saw me sleep for the first year of us dating. Ever. I was always awake. When the first tranche of the $3Mn from Tiger Global hit the account, there were no celebrations, no popping of Champagne bottles. I was coming back from a business trip in Cape Town and I got the alert whilst waiting in the immigration que at MMA. My first emotional reaction; I was terrified.
I can be forgiven. ...

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