Unlocking Growth Requires Data

This is what one meets when you walk up the stairs at our HQ in Anthony Village, Lagos. We have an entire floor dedicated to it. Around 60% of the employees at iROKO are focused around this simple, yet amazingly complicated reality. Growth. That’s why startups exist, that’s why they are venture-backed. They are supposed to grow. Really fast. Growth always requires you to understand the past and present (data becomes your best friend), then plot a plan (preferably a sustainable one) for the future. This week, we took one of the most ambitious steps in trying to solve the largest challenge for unlocking growth for our African viewers. Accessing content. The dawn of the Download began. African Diaspora = 30m. ~4m watch Nollywood. Sub-saharan Africa = 850m. ~150–200m watch Nollywood. Unlocking growth in Africa is our only reality. It’s where the market has always been, hence we begin to distort the product to this reality. We embrace singularity. We are fully focused.
The end ...

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