Unicorns and Equity at iROKO

So I have spent the last few months trying to organise my thoughts around the share options programme at iROKO. It’s actually considerably more complicated than I imaged and hasn’t been something I have traditionally focused on. Bastian is better at math than me. This, as I have said before, is something I have previously failed to articulate more widely at iROKO. I doubt most really understand the transformative nature equity has for the soldiers who helped win the battles. As founder, I am supposed to understand and evangelise to the team at iROKO, making equity over cash as the major compensation driver at the company. Over the last few months, I have doubled the number of executives who are participating in our equity pool and finally allocated all the shares from the initial equity pool when we did our series A round back in August 2011 (yes it literally took 4 years, we only gave it to those who truly wanted it, now I am a little more liberal.)
Some basic terms
- Vesting. Sh...

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