Turning $25,000 down.

Celestine just wrote a very honest tome of tiketmobile.com running out of money and what the lack of capital does to a startup. I applaud him, it must have been tough for him to share that story. It’s super important more of these stories come to light. I think it’s important to put a little context around money raising in Nigeria. It’s fucking brutal. The money is out there but you have to be honest with the realities of taking it. Earlier this week, I wrote about my most epic startup failure. I started it with £10,000 and all the youthful energy in the world. My inexperience and undercapitalisation scuppered that startup and lead to 3 years of absolute nightmares. I had the worst investor in the world and will tell that story later. Angels are NOT in abundance. Most definitely not in Nigeria. Sometimes you may feel their terms are onerous but if faced with that or death, for my startups, I would always opt for another breathing day. Fuck the terms. Because there are no awards fo...

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