Trust in Nigeria… A grown man crying

Gabriel called me in tears. A grown man crying. This was new.

I hadn’t heard from him in years, hadn’t seen him in years either. Since my days in Festac in fact (I left Festac in 2011). He used to be a really supportive salesman for one of the big ISPs. So I knew him. I like him. At least, enough to pick up his phone call seven years later.

He was super upset. His daughter was in general hospital. She had a kidney failure (or something like that), he had exhausted his funds and was crying, no, pleading for my help.

Usually I would suspect fraud and shut this thing down. But

A childHer name was ‘Michelle’ (coincidently my older sister’s name)A grown man was crying. Not begging.

As awkward as it was for me, I felt it would have been terrible for him. I asked him specifically what he needed, ‘anything you can manage is okay’, I asked and he shared his bank details with me.

Red flag #1 — It came instantly. As in, not some minutes later. Instantly, after I dropped the cal...

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