ToLet. I thought they wanted to quit.

A few friends started Estatenode in a 6sqm space in 2012.
Fast forward 2015.
Fikayo called and said that they wanted to speak to me. They called. These guys never call me. This didn’t sound good. I think unless it’s something specific (which they are usually doing for me) I have never spoken to any of the ToLet guys over the phone. It also sounded urgent. I was suspicious. I told them we should just whatsapp. They preferred to see me in person. Within a few hours all four were sitting in a conference room at Iroko. This was late 2015. I knew things had been rough. I hadn’t even really seen them all year and they were 10 mins from my house. They looked a little sheepish. They looked like they wanted to quit. I wouldn’t blame them. Iroko had gone through a terrible period with 50% downsizings and cash burn only recently getting under control. I knew that the other Nigerian internet companies were quietly downsizing. So here we were. The end of the road. Poof goes another $250k

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