This morning I saw 2 dead bodies.

This morning I saw 2 dead bodies. I was turning at Mile 2 and saw a fair amount of commotion and people so knew something was up. It appears that 2 people were hit by an old school 4x4 which, as expected on an expressway, killed them instantly. Police were milling around, no ambulance or medical services on site. My heart obviously goes out to the family of the beavered as no one deserves this type of ending. Unfortunately as shocking as this was, it doesn’t surprise me. 100 yards further up the road I met the above scene. How can an articulated lorry plough through the central reservation barrier and end up on the other side of the road? What speed were they driving at to generate such scene? Only they, and their God knows.
Over the weekend I read a Vanguard article about a recent discussion Dangote had with senior journalists as he reiterated the $8Bn he wanted to spend on infrastructure projects in Nigeria. The gravest danger confronting Nigeria: Decayed Infrastructure
* The la...

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