The Gospel of Growth part1

Attribution to a comic Profitesy from my awesome startup Raptures Entertainment

When you're an old capitalist like me (I'm 41 been in the money game for 18 years) you tend to have had the benefit from going through a number of enthusiasm & economic driven cycles. Be they housing cycles, credit cycles, commodity cycles, crypto-mania cycles, startup cycles or just plain ol macro economic cycles (Africa Rising). There is no version of reality where you can see what has happened over the last 5 years in the technology startup space and not be a little alarmed. Things have been nothing short of super abnormal. Really smart people (who should know better) have consorted themselves creating logical sounding reasons as to why pre revenue company can be worth $4B. Or why $10-20m in 'revenue' justifies a billion dollar valuation. We've even seen companies with $600k in revenue raising $102m at $500m+ valuations from the likes of Stripe. But yes its all normal and natural. Unicorns every...

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