The Death of an Industry

In July 2011, as part of our series A due diligence, Tiger Global had McKinsey & Co conduct a study of Nollywood. The remit was:
1. Nollywood content popularity across Africa
2. Nollywood Industry Structure and Dynamics
- market size, growth, concentration and key trends
- content creator economics
3. Internet, broadband, payments and advertising trends across Africa.
They spoke with over a thousand people in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Over the weekend, I re-read elements of the study, just to refresh my memory on all that had happened over the last 4.5 years. Let me go ahead and share some of those slides with you.
1. Preference for Nollywood films skews heavily to the lower income population, though a significant portion of upper income consumers also enjoy Nollywood films, 35% of the top income decile of Nigerians prefer Nigerian films to Hollywood/Bollywood films vs. 70–75% of the rest of the Nigerian population.
The income skew in South Africa is more prono...

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