The Curse of the Mono Millionaire.

This is something I have had ruminating in my mind for many many years. The extreme and destructive nature of the promoted and celebrated Mono-Millionaires. What is the impact of and proliferation of Mono-Millionaires in US, Europe and UK on the aspirations, expectation settings and realities of today’s youth? What is a Mono-Millionaire?
A person who can earn millions of dollars without employing anyone. The company of 1
Who makes up this elite yet destructive demographic? Mainly Paid Sports + Entertainment professionals. Even drug dealers have to create a large and usually multi-location sales, marketing and distribution network. But why is it destructive?
I have never come across an 18–27 year old multi-millionaire banker, lawyer, accountant, doctor or any other from the professional services arena. Wealth creation is much more of a slow steady build up where 95% of folk never attain it. From a business-creation perspective it is very much impossible to become a multi-millionaire n...

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