That Greener Pasture is actually a Graveyard

Look and you will see

On my regular travels I get the chance to speak to a fair amount of supremely intelligent high level executives of multi national companies. This isn't limited to just West African companies but from all regions globally. From Houston Texas to Accra to JoBurg to London to Dubai. Over the last few years with the unparalleled bull market & wealth creation from startups, said executives have began to cast their gaze (envy & ambition) at the heavily funded startup Founders. I see the mystic. To reach six-figures as a senior executive in most normal companies you are usually at the 35-45 age range. Not old, but not that young either. Whereas these startups are typically young, raising millions or tens of millions of dollars for seemingly pithy ideas at increasingly crazier valuations. This doesn't seem to be going down so well with our executive class. They are smart enough to see it for the sordid game it is. But also smart enough to understand they are pr...

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