Talent is Talent is Talent.

Last week I was conducting a final stage interview with candidates for potential engineering roles at iROKO. One of the candidates leaned back and proceeded to tell me that the original codility test results were inaccurate, how he knew Sayo, the winner, and didn’t think he was that smart nor, after reviewing his published results, answers not great. He believed the only reason why he didn’t win was because of issues relating to the codility platform. That in fact he came in specifically to redo the test to demonstrate his smarts and win this month’s competition. So I sat him down with our head of engineering, Dean (with the beard), and he attempted the test a second time in the iROKO office. He scored 49/400. He was super dupa smart no doubt, but a genius, he was not. He could have looked up and asked the iROKO engineers how to approach any specific challenge or ask for help. He didn’t. He genuinely believed his logic was correct. It wasn’t. Not even close. But that’s cool. And t...

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