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Softest of Life. Not.

So an interesting observation I have seen over the last year or so that has had me thinking of recent. Could be that at 40+1 I am an old cynical head. Its not abnormal but its definitely an interesting trend, or It could just be a generational thing. Throughout 2021 I spent most of the year busting my ass 12hrs/day 7days a week trying to support & scale 5 startups in parallel. I see myself as a super founder and treat these startups equally important as part of my NJOKU Holdings network. I'm self aware enough to recognise that I had become a complete bottle neck as lots of things crunched together. I typically handle investor relations and it was evident from my investors updates and their view that I was 

i) Travelling too much - 20days a month in 2021

ii) Not delegating enough - there were constant admin bottle necks as I prioritised operations vs corporate activities and couldn't / didn't hire fast enough.

iii) Not moving fast enough as a resu...

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