Sayo Oladeji wins the N1m Engineering competition

So. We have a winner. Oluwasayo Oladeji came first in the Engineering at iROKO test. His score? 324/400. It took a little time to verify the results and for him to collect the outsized cheque as, surprisingly, he isn’t based in Lagos.

~200 developers took the test. Only 96 met the minimum pass mark (100/400 or 25%) and of those, we telephone interviewed 49. We think the response was great. The insight and data we learned from the experience was an invaluable positive about the quality of engineering in Nigeria. We must admit, there were some challenges with the codility test, the main feedback was it was too academic, too long etc. But it’s what we had as the first filter. And for that, it was good enough. But massive applause to the people who took the time to take the test.
iROKO Engineering hiring process
1.] Codility Test
2.] 20–30 minute telephone interview with our NY Engineers
3.] Test4Geeks Test
4.] Offer or face to face interview.
Our ambition is to hire 15–20 engineer...

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