ROK vs irokotv

Above is the growth of irokotv globally from 16th Nov ‘16 -> 1st April ’17. We don’t spend money on marketing globally, we focus on content and social media, which makes irokotv unique and surprisingly vulnerable. Something happened in Europe. More specifically, something happened in the UK. Mrs Njoku and I are currently in the UK. We are usually here at least 1–3 times a year. But this visit was different. Everyone was stopping Mrs Njoku in the street or at a wedding etc. telling her how amazing ROK SKY 344 was. They watched it all day, everyday. It was when my mother abandoned her irokotv subscription and was just watching ROK that I realised something was amiss. Lagos. We may have a problem.

When I saw the above global subs graph, I realised that the little ROK channel had been a little too successful.

SKY is the beginning.

30th September we introduced ROK on SKY in the UK. It was a very speculative move. We had a wave of content we were creating which was increasingly more e...

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