Respect the F*vking Race part1

Curbside in Galveston after falling out of the Ironman 70.3 Texas with a groin strain.

I was flying. I was surprised, but I was flying. 44km/hr is fast. I have never attained such Speeds on Blue (my BMC Time Machine Triathlon bike), But then something happened at 70km (43.5m) of a 90km ride in phase 2 of the Galveston Texas Ironman 70.3 Triathlon. I was flying. But then I felt my groin pull. Something was wrong. I tried to stretch it out. I even stopped for a quick massage to try and alleviate the muscle strain to no avail. My Ironman 70.3 race was over. I had easily completed the 1.9km (1.2m) open water (swimming is my most straightforward discipline) and even though I had done very little training I felt great about the riding. But now it was over. I struggled in great pain for another 2-3km to the medic station and called it quits. As I sat there digesting what had happened and waiting for the recovery team it dawned on me. I had no business being there. I wasn't feeling sorry ...

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