Premierbet = Interswitch in revenues & profits. One is worth $1B, how much is Premierbet worth?

It's difficult to get excited about African internet or fintech companies after running gaming companies. Founder & CEO of a African sports platform

My interests and super powers [in my mind at least] lay in consumer-led Technology, Media & Telecommunications. It's an area I have pretty much spent the best part of my entire career in. Almost 15 years. So it's interesting sitting across different entertainment verticals in TMT and seeing how they are structured and valued across Africa. Whether it's the seemingly super popular and globally recognised Afrobeats to the always-on-the-verge-of-global-domination Nollywood or the new Fintech companies screaming out the gates, attempting to build new experiences to seize market share from incumbents.

I have always looked on with vested interest. I have always been interested in the valuations of these businesses because I have seen media groups sell for ~$40m valuations, whilst Fintechs in the same breath, with less rev...

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