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50% Layoffs or 50% Paycut

It takes courage to take a leg. Public Service Announcement. If you are seeing dramatic (25% or more) and immediate revenue drops and you haven’t had this discussion, then you basically need to have it now. As brutal as it may be, anyone connected with travel is currently being obliterated

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Just F*$King Survive II. The 2020 Pandemic update

We have been planning for doomsday since 2017 Because IROKO was always in survival mode, we have, over time, developed organisational muscle and a bunker mentality when dealing with dire situations. Doomsday = IROKO running out of money. Back in 2017, we even called our annual budgeting the ‘Doomsday Budget’.

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I tried (and failed) to acquire a PayTV group for $3m

ROK raced to 85% independent market share in Nollywood distribution In early 2016, I asked the IROKO board for permission to acquire a competing Nollywood PayTV channel group. I had only been in the PayTV game a year or so, but the moment I understood the economics of channel building,

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Presentations for an African $70-100m LSE AIM IPO

I just like the image of an African IPO. Current market cap $1.5B Based on our direct conversations with stockbrokers, NOMADs, auditors and lawyers, an LSE AIM listed company valued at $100m would need to have (ultra conservatively) $8–10m in revenue and $0–1m in EBITDA. $8-10MM in Revenue (run rate)20-30%

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DStv, Netflix, IROKOtv and the power of Segmentation

Big Boss #2 at Netflix, Ted Sandros (Chief Content Officer) 6 years ago, I visited Netflix offices in LA to discuss deals. Shortly afterwards, IROKO and Netflix did a small experimental deal to bring ~20 Nollywood movies on their service globally. It represented less than 1% of our library and

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Extreme Outcomes. From Broke to the Global 1% Wealthy.

April 2010 aged 29. Living off $200/month. The life, the life… O, the wonderful life ‪The thing about social media and unpublished self help gurus is that they all seem to have an opinion about wealth creation. Being around wealth, commenting on it and creating it are not the same

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