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Strive & Econet should have tried to acquire IROKOtv

Strive Masiyiwa Photographer: Justin Chin/Bloomberg I read the Bloomberg article last week about Strive, and it got me thinking… This didn’t need to happen. There was a radical and, at the time seemingly expensive, but possibly very inexpensive option. Corporate M&A. Zimbabwe Billionaire Struggles to Sell Telecom Asset Masiyiwa is seeking

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PayTV. The brutal destroyer of wealth

Standing in iflix JoBurg empty offices after the abandoned Africa Media has always been a brutal destroyer of wealth for those who fail to get it rightFT on Quibi’s $1.8B launch debacle. February 2018, I was with my investment bankers doing the rounds trying to raise money for IROKOtv. We

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NBC & the Total Destruction of Nollywood in Nigeria

One of the top series currently airing on IROKO + ROK (DStv) is The African Couple. As serendipity would have it, the new season is about to be released this weekend. The crew is largely Nigerian but 100% of the main and supporting cast are Ghanaian. That is minus Mrs

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I am the F$xking Dude.

I wrote these 25 things in 18th February 2009. I haven’t changed a thing and the original is on my Facebook page today. It makes me happy how little I have changed over the years. Still me. Just now part of the 1% 1.] The most important person in my

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Why IROKO furloughed 28% of our Nigeria team

So I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front. Pithy messaging on Twitter aside, I have been scenario planning out the rest of 2020. The title should give you an indication as to why. It hasn’t been an easy month and I needed to communicate fully to the

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