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Mr Njoku. Show me how you brush your teeth

In the middle of 2022 I was at my bi annual dentist check up. I have had this persistent plaque problem for years. I have a crazy sweet tooth (all the running up and down aside) so that was usually given to me as a reason why the plaque constantly

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Kids. Welcome to the brutal binary world of Venture Capital

The Nigerian VC backed founder communities are realising a simple truth. Capitalism is brutal. Capital doesn’t save and nurture companies. Customers do. No amount of capital announced, marquee investors aboard can resolve broken economics scaled with market share in mind with freely available capital. Last last over time you need

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Soft Life, Social Media & Startup Success 

Softest of Life. Not. So an interesting observation I have seen over the last year or so that has had me thinking of recent. Could be that at 40+1 I am an old cynical head. Its not abnormal but its definitely an interesting trend, or It could just be a

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The Gospel of Growth part1

Attribution to a comic Profitesy from my awesome startup Raptures Entertainment When you’re an old capitalist like me (I’m 41 been in the money game for 18 years) you tend to have had the benefit from going through a number of enthusiasm & economic driven cycles. Be they housing cycles,

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That Greener Pasture is actually a Graveyard

Look and you will see On my regular travels I get the chance to speak to a fair amount of supremely intelligent high level executives of multi national companies. This isn’t limited to just West African companies but from all regions globally. From Houston Texas to Accra to JoBurg to

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Capital. To Venture or Not to Venture part 2

$195m cash out of his 3 year old startup. Hate the game not the player. If you focus on the inputs (VC funding) for the Africa ecosystem everything is amazing. The best ever. To the moon etc etc. If you focus on the output (actual late stage exits) you get

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Capital. To Venture or Not to Venture.

My position on this has changed ALOT of the last 10 years of venture scale and being around builders whom have reached scale without huge or with very little capital. Its actually a choice. And its a very specific one. If you go venture its very very difficult to go back

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We All Don’t Make It [WADMI]

WAGMI – We’re All Going to Make It. The clarion call of the new millennial crypto billionaire set. Usually as an asset is being pumped up to have the rug pulled (losses) out from under it. Anon online crypto billionaires The thing is even with a trillion dollars in value

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$100B Opportunity & $1T Problem | Part 1

Mohammed Dewji & I at the Invest Africa, Standard Chartered Bank private dinner. Last October, before moderating a panel at the Global Business Forum in Dubai, I was invited to the Invest Africa – sponsored by Standard Chartered – private dinner at the glitzy Arts Club ($75,000 per year membership

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Unfocused & Failed Experiments

Failed Experiments The history of scientific developments has been in the total embracing of failure. Literally developing a hypothesis and then running multiple experiments to test against it, starting with the notion that it may take forever or never at all. Learning, documenting and ultimately opening up to peer review

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