P2P. It only took 2 years

In March 2015, IROKOtv was in existential crisis. For four years, we had promised and raised money on the back of SVOD and the African dream. Yet up until that point, it was pretty much a nightmare. For all intents and purposes we had 100% failed to make any dent in that reality. The only solace we had was that others had spent considerably more and had pretty much gotten nowhere. So if we spent $1m over 2-years, the other guys spent $10m. And we ended up in the same position. Well, to me that’s capital efficiency. To my board, it was the end of the road. They were fast losing faith. For the life of us, we simply couldn’t get out an Android app that made sense. It was then I seized head of product role at IROKO and decided that if I couldn’t do it? Then fuck it. The captain (that would be me) will have to go down with the ship. So I had nothing to lose. I turned off streaming (it’s really hidden away in settings) and focused on downloads.

It was about this time I started talking of b...

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