Not another raise!

This is how I have felt for the last 5 years since founding iROKO. If you are a TWD fan, you can no doubt understand this moment. It’s the point of utter helplessness. It is the moment one of the most popular characters is mauled to death in one of the most brutal on screen deaths I have ever witnessed. To me, it’s when failure and obituaries manifest into flesh eating zombie Twitter trolls. But that is no more.
Today, iROKO closed a $19m content and capital from existing investors and France’s Vivendi/Canal+ Groupe. Albeit in this case it was more than another round. This time it was very different. We have our first strategic investor, someone with an expressed interest in acquiring the entire company, were we to reach the potentials ahead of us, yet at the same time flexible enough to enable me to build the NASDAQ-listed company I have always dreamed of. Irrespective of the future, Vivendi/Canal Overseas are not just any type of strategic. They have been in French speaking Afri...

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