Nigeria’s Secretive Society & the Downside of Transparency

Timothy's question

Timothy, in our exclusive Telegram group, asked me the simple question above. It's something that I instantly recall the origin of but rarely reflect on it and whether that has changed over the years. I am naturally a super open person. That's my default mode. Mrs Njoku doesn't understand it as being Nigerian Nigerian, she sees me sharing widely but then notices most of the people don't really reciprocate back. There is an obvious imbalance there. As much as it causes her angst, over the last 9 years she has learned to understand that it's just me, and quietly cautions me to not give away the house silver. But to the origin. The reason I actually started writing was when Mary called me and told me we were having a child. Mary was in London at film school and I was in Lagos, I believe. For some reason, after the sheer fear of becoming a father subsided, I felt compelled to document my journey. This was December 2012 and I had just gone through one of the most ...

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