Mr Njoku. Show me how you brush your teeth

In the middle of 2022 I was at my bi annual dentist check up. I have had this persistent plaque problem for years. I have a crazy sweet tooth (all the running up and down aside) so that was usually given to me as a reason why the plaque constantly comes back after short intervals. My regular dentist wasn’t around so I had a new junior dentist. She was professional and pleasant with higher than the normal energy, the sort you usually find from someone in the early stages of their careers. When it came time to clean away my plaque problem she asked me a question I don’t think anyone has ever asked me before. How do I brush my teeth? It stopped me straight as I had to process that simple but pretty important question. I can’t remember who had taught me. I don’t think I have ever really revisited those teachings in my life. Its an important part of my waking up and winding down for bed (I brush twice a day), its something so fundamental that one doesn’t even think about it. Until then...

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