Mobile vs Desktop. When it come to $ making. Its Desktop all the way.

I see myself as a little old school. A contrarian on some occasions. Some might even think a dinosaur. This is definitely one of those occasions. I think 99.9% of people will strongly disagree with me on this post. The zeitgeist has spoken, we must all kneel and obey. Fuck that. I don’t like to beg for my lunch so am always a revenue first, growth and users second kinda guy. I was having this debate in Accra a few weeks ago and thought I would just share my stream of thoughts here.
In Nigeria and Africa, I am not buying the mobile revolution story. At least not when it comes to building revenue generating beasts.
If I had the option of 1Mn desktop users or 10Mn mobile users. I would rather choose the 1Mn desktop users.
Everyday of the week. For the next 2–3years, desktop users will overwhelming be easier to monetize than mobile users. The evangelists have been preaching mobile first. The grand mobile Internet story, the power of the mobile device, the democratization of Africa via...

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