Mobile First.

I am currently in NY pushing product. We are releasing a number of irokotv-related updates across all of our different platforms.
It was July last year when we massively de-emphasised, loving a little hyperbole, I called it ‘the death of a .com’ . It was so effective that one of my investors was getting calls wondering whether everything was well over at iROKO, or had we finally failed? Jokes aside, we really needed to focus. We had just started building our product and engineering organisation. We had just started the march to deliver a new architecture v3. We were always obsessed with where the subscribers and money were at that moment. At the time, North America and Western Europe. We had to make the switch to mobile first. In order to build that mobile first reality, we needed to discontinue thinking about desktop subscribers. So we did. Hard and fast. At the time I wrote
Are we ready for this reality? Absolutely not. All our existing competencies, infrastructure a...

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