Unique and exclusive mentoring sessions dedicated those who want to launch, grow or improve their odds of success in their personal projects or startups. Having launched many successful startups, I will share my experiences and knowledge to help you build your future.

Jason Njoku

Arguably one of Africa’s most well known entrepreneurs. Currently Founder of IROKOTV one of the largest African paid content services. He co-founded and sold ROK to French Media giant Vivendi / Canal+ in 2019 in the largest West Africa media deal in history. One of the earliest angel investors in Nigeria deploying $2m with Spark, with deep knowledge of African venture capital, startup acceleration and business development there is very few who have achieved such an impact on African tech culture.

Jason has always been very direct and very  outspoken evangelist for youth driven capitalism as an answer to African wealth creation.

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Are you someone who obsessively tracks up-and-coming startups, new industries, and interesting ideas in Africa and want to gain an information edge?

Curious about how Media, Technology, Entertainment or Gaming is reshaping industry and business in Africa but can’t find deep unique insights anywhere?

Interested in understanding and benefiting from the unique insights base of one the most knowledgeable entrepreneurs in technology in Africa.

Then this is just for you.

Learn from the experience that founded, built and invested in Africa's most successful startups


Private, in-depth mentoring sessions dedicated to anyone who wants to launch, grow or improve the odds of success for their projects or startups.

Each session lasts 60 or 300 minutes and is done by video conference (Zoom). 

1h Mastermind Session



Small group based mentoring sessions dedicated to <10 people groups who want to launch, grow or improve their odds of success in their personal projects or startups. Book now to get your seat!

Each session lasts 120 minutes and is done by video conference (Zoom).

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