Making $4m from YouTube | Lessons from a 3-person blog who paid $5.4m in dividends

My first office where I launched NollywoodLove onto the world. All from little Festac Town.

In September 2008, alongside my co-founder Charles, I launched RNetwork (published media cutting a dash through the world of business news with daily insights that put professional life in perspective). It just so happened to be same week that Lehman Brothers collapsed, so probably not the best time to be building a professional services-focused media company. Our audience & clients were UK law firms, banks, consultancies and accounting firms. This, at the time when they were going through a dramatic generational retrenchment which they have 12 years later not really recovered from. So yeah. Sometimes timing is everything. We didn't have major ambitious though. We just wanted to make $250k/year in revenue with <5 person team and take it from there. We were completely inspired by small niche blog networks which were all the rage in those days. Remember between 2005-11 AOL

Jason Cal...

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