Love Nigeria. Then diversify aggressively away. Part 1

For folks who've seen me in Dubai over the last 6 months or so, I could see why they would think it's softlife & dorime living. It's not. Everything I do is intentional. My next project I am co-founding has deep routes in the Arab world so exposure to GCC and MENA is super important. I recently became resident in UAE and have corporate entities set up here for that purpose. In the Njoku family network of companies, we have residencies in like 5 different countries with corporate entities in like 14 countries. It helps shape how you see opportunities globally.

I have been yelling for years about diversifying away from Nigeria. Not because I am anti-Nigeria. But as seductive as Nigeria is, as the giant and arguably most open economy of Africa, it has such strong macro headwinds that makes building anything and everything tough. Like really, really tough. I earned my school fees on this one. Over 2015-2020 IROKOtv easily spent $30m trying to build a mobile-first premium PayTV...

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