Linda Ikeji | Nigeria’s unsung Internet Titan.

So one of my favourite tech blogger’s Bankole wrote an amazing post on Linda Ikeji’s Blog (LIB) which nicely illustrates her 6 year ‘overnight’ rise to Nigerian internet celebrity stardom. Now I check LIB several times daily to catch me 5 mins of some Nigerian gossip and have done so since I was sent a link about 18 months ago. Wherever possible I have argued LIB should be held up as not only a blogging icon but a true 1.0 Nigerian internet legend. Why?
* She focuses on monetization like nothing else I have seen online in Nigeria. I counted 28 $-generating adverts on her website. She is easily making 6 figures annually in advertising revenue. And a big chunk of that is native
* iROKOtv Nigerian monetization pales in comparison to LIB and we have pitched directly to pretty much every agency / buyer in Nigeria. My team target is simple; month on month I need you to beat LIB. That’s it. But at the moment she is most definitely kicking our ass. When we talk to the agencies, they talk ...

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