Life & Death

Every Time I am in Ghana, my host is friend, movie producer and business partner Abdul Salam Mumni. Typically, from the airport and pretty much everyday, we have had lunch or dinner or just met for some reason or the other. We talk about the deals done in the recent past to the future of the industry and our mutual big plans for 2016. Except yesterday. As usual, we spoke but unusually we didn’t see one another. The worst kind of tragedy stuck yesterday as his youngest son who happens to be around the exact same as Obi passed away. This wasn’t a brief illness or some foreseeable incident. This was a simple yet devastating accident. My heart goes out to his wife and family. I can not even begin to imagine the pain he is suffering now. I pray I am spared this experience.Life is like that. In the lightest moments, you can be plunged into darkness. And the dark moments, you can squint and see light.Everything pales to nothing when death and family are involved. It’s even worse when inf...

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