KULUYA.COM | My first angel investment

Around 9 months ago, alongside others, I took my first stab at angel investing. The start-up was a little animation studio called KULUYA. What attracted me to them was their undeniable talent and the obvious market size for local gaming. In every geography there are local gaming kings — India, Brasil, China, Mexico, Japan, Russia et al. Casual games is a >$Bn opportunity. Why not for the 900Mn in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)?
The team arguably includes some of the most creative people I have come across in Nigeria. What we see today in the 60+ flash games developed and launched over 4 months is a mere 1% of what they’re truly capable of. There are a number of big deals brewing which when announced over 2013 will surely see them live up to FORBES ‘5 Hot African Tech Start-ups to Watch in 2013’ billing.
Not only did I personally find the time to help build and mentor the 14-person team at KULUYA, wherever I was in the world (and I lived on a plane in 2012) I found myself excited abou...

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