Kids. Welcome to the brutal binary world of Venture Capital

The Nigerian VC backed founder communities are realising a simple truth. Capitalism is brutal. Capital doesn't save and nurture companies. Customers do. No amount of capital announced, marquee investors aboard can resolve broken economics scaled with market share in mind with freely available capital. Last last over time you need a sustainable product, market and customer balance. Capital doesn't save startups. Customers do. Capital and her priests are beholden to only one thing. More capital. I saw this brutality in 2015/16 with the first wave of wipe outs of Nigerian classifieds and ecommerce startups. Its only when you see the sudden change in investor sentiment do you realise that it can happen. Most of the current class of founders were not privy to the brute force realities of those times. When investors largely walked away from the market. In fact most of the current crop of Fintech, Crypto and Supply chain startups emerged from 2015 onwards with no historical perspective o...

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