Is Jumia using Jazz?

Serious side eye


Boat loads of cash = $100m+

Washing Money = Money laundering

Jazz = Diabolical spiritual powers aka Juju

Late last year, one of the largest and most prominent Africa Private Equity funds reached out to me to have a chat. Instead, we ended up having lunch at a swanky central London restaurant. It was great. I was totally seduced. He was so positive, bullish and aggressive. He wanted to invest up to $50m in IROKOtv. Jeez. I was smitten. I didn’t need that much money (yet), but hey, I like these kind of conversations. Uncle continued talking.

This wasn’t the first time. It has happened before. Over the years, Venture Capital and PE firms periodically have reached out to IROKO, with a view to investing. All inbound. Usually we just smile and keep it moving. You know. Face our work. But this was different. We were expecting a strong revenue for Q4 and good y-o-y growth. So even though we weren’t fully ready (IROKOtv is still growing b...

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