Is iROKING dead?

Nope. Not even close to it. There has been a chorus of all types of strange sayings recently about the imminent demise of iROKING platform and aggregation business. But then for the first time in over a year I actually looked at the revenue numbers. Although there are a number of issues I cannot address here, there is one I most definitely can. IROKING is not dead. It is still very much alive. Revenues are my metric of business success and iROKING has recurring scalable revenue. iROKOtv had its 2nd birthday yesterday. Today I am taking the reigns of iROKING. As the CEO. My baby has found its home with its founding father. Me.
The founding
In May 2011, I founded what became iROKING. All the early pitches I did myself. I had a 2 person team of executives supporting me but all chips were with me. I remember making myself ill sitting in traffic and running around Lagos trying to sign up musicians to the digital platform of the future. iROKI...

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