Is Africa’s new Fintech obsession with ‘Free’ a good thing? Part 1

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Caveat Emptor (let the buyer be aware) - I am no Fintech expert.

Globally, consumers love a great discount. They love giveaways and free stuff even more. This has been a playbook that VC-backed startups have attempted to exploit to gain market share and build massive businesses in compressed periods of time. Usually it requires taking something of value and aggressively discounting it or simply making it free. These are high ARPU consumers in Trillion dollar GDP economies, so there is a slim chance that this may actually work and unicorn status achieved. Over the last few years, it feels like this approach has started to creep into the flaming fintech space in Nigeria. Discounts? Africans love them, although 'freeness' isn't something that low ARPU African consumers are really used to. Nothing is really free in this part of the world. Free trials etc. aren't really a thing here, at least I haven't seen anyone use it effectively.

So we are used to and ar...

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