Ironman, Emotions & Losing 25.4kg

No idea why I look stern and serious. But this was in 2016… When I was fat.

It scares Mrs. Njoku, yet it comes very naturally to me. She calls me an extremist. She is terrified of my lack of moderation. I am either 100% uninterested or 1,000% consumed by it. There is very little room in the middle. This mirrors my emotions. I swing from absolute highs to crushing lows. On balance I consider myself a pessimist. My wife thinks I am emotionally unbalanced.

I wouldn’t consider myself a body conscious person. In fact I always used to joke to Mrs. Njoku that I didn’t need to focus on health or looks. That my ‘journey [love] was over’. So for years she pleaded with me to try and get healthy. My mum manages with diabetes so she was concerned I too would get it. I readily acknowledged this but basically ignored her. But that changed in 2017, during her tough pregnancy, where she was essentially house bound for 5 months. We were forced to stay in London and ended up moving to Blackhe...

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