IROKOtv at 9. Surviving 2020

I started this in early December, but as things were still largely in flux, I stopped. IROKOtv had its 9th birthday on the 1st December 2020. 9 years is a loooong time. 2020 was definitely one of the longest.

Before you continue, and if you care enough, I strongly suggest you read| irokotv at 4 | irokotv at 5 | irokotv at 6 | irokotv at 7 | irokotv at 8 - it may take a little while, but in my humble opinion, it's worth the time reading.

Wow, 2020. I am going to be as positive as possible, but I will warn you in advance, I most likely will fail. 2020 has been largely shaped by one event. COVID-19. Rather than galvanising humanity to bond together, sacrifice, strive and hold onto the human element, because our survival literally depends on it, we faltered, we misinformed ourselves, we sought comfort in our differences. I survived a brutal and without a shadow of doubt most terrifying experience of my life with my own recent bout of COVID-19...

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