IROKOtv at 7

So when I write an article, I collect my thoughts over many days and write the article in my head before sitting down and just offloading (that’s why I usually write best when I am angry). It’s literally a stream of consciousness. It’s an expression of how I feel exactly at that point. And rage is one of the most expressive emotions there is. At least to me. Right now, I am in a more sombre than bullish mood. Reflective would best describe it. Because I am rarely out in the wild (I rarely attend social events and keep a tight circle) most folks don’t realise how truly emotional a person I am. Some folks have corporate experience and know how to act in her settings. Know the etiquette. I don’t. I have screamed in board meetings. Used profanities (this one is standard). Cried in board meetings (yes, I said it. I’m a human being and certain things, on certain occasions, have overcome me). That, my friends, is what it has taken to drag my little creation, IROKOtv, to where it is today...

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