irokotv at 5.

This business. She has taken so much from me, yet somehow has been able to balance it out by giving back much more. This week has been a interesting one - CNN covered our ROK on SKY launch, Newsweek covered our ‘empire building’. 1 December, irokotv’s birthday, is usually a day of reflection over a hard fought year and dreams of the future. Earlier this year, we were putting the finishing touches to our $19m content and capital deal with Canal+ when the 8,000 Gorillas entered our little corner of the world. They called irokotv’s death. We brushed it off. Not in some fit of blinded arrogance. But just business as usual. Not much had changed in our world. No panic. No need for us to reassess our reality. Five years ago, we set out to build a dedicated community for Nollywood online. For 3.5 of those years, we didn’t realise what that really, really meant. Over the last 18 months, as I led the transformation of irokotv into a product, design and engineering-focused organisation, I n...

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